Success is Boring

Success isn’t money, a beautiful spouse or a great body.

It’s waking up early and running because you said you would.

It’s working on that project to learn Python, in your spare time, when you’d rather relax and watch television.

It’s reading books on investing. And then, figuring out how to set up automatic savings in your bank. And maybe having that phone call with the bank, when you can’t figure out their website. And putting away money every month. And not spending it. And waiting. For years.

Our lives become the patterns we condition. Except enjoying success isn’t the pattern you need to reinforce.

Instead, you need to train yourself to love the work. The boring stuff, which doesn’t feel exciting or thrilling or really like much at all. It’s not reaching the mountaintop or slaying the dragon, but putting one foot in front of the other, day after day.

If you can learn to love this, then success will come, but it won’t matter so much. What you’ll enjoy aren’t the rewards, but becoming a better version of yourself. When mastery becomes your motivation, at each step you take, you’ll already have reached your destination.

Success is boring

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