Get My Stuff For Cheap…

If you’re looking to get any of the e-books I’ve written for cheap, both Pick the Brain and Zen Habits are offering my books at a discount.  These offers will expire shortly, however, so you’ll want to take advantage of the offers soon.

Pick the Brain is offering The Little Book of Productivity for just over seven dollars.  Peter also has a great, in-depth review of the book if you want to know more about it.  The book is a collection of 99 mini-articles, each offering one idea for improving your productivity.  Many of the ideas I haven’t previously written on this website.  You better hurry though, because after November 6th, the price will return to normal.

Zen Habits is also offering a package deal for Learn More, Study Less.  You can opt to get Learn More, Study Less for half price, or you can get both Learn More, Study Less and The Little Book of Productivity for under twenty-five dollars.  This offer will end in two weeks.

  • Mentat

    Hi Scott,
    This comment to say thank you for your great blog, I read it always with great interest and share lot of your ideas and thinking.

    I’v bought “Learn more …” and don’t miss this opportunity to buy the next. Just finish the download and go to read it !

    A french fan …

  • Veronica

    Who would not like to improve his or her productivity? So, this book is actually of great help to every person. And I would definitely buy it.

  • Ann

    I tried to buy this great deal but the Zen site puts the wrong books in the basket AND doesn’t give the discount.

    I’ve email you directly about this problem and have not gotten a reply.
    I’ve also attempted to email the Zen site.
    I’ve also sent snail mail to you (hopefully you’ve received that by now)

    PLEASE help me take advantage of this bargain. Can you send the link that directly puts it into a shopping basket?

  • Scott Young


    I actually sent you an email reply, maybe it was picked up by your spam filter?

    Here’s the link to the ZenHabits multi-package at 50% off (24.95, full price is 50.90) and ZenHabits regular package (19.99, full price is 39.99):

    For some reason, Leo has automatically added both Learn More, and Learn More (Plus!). Just click the “Remove” checkbox and it will reload the page just with (Plus!), the package deal.

    If you still have problems, don’t hesitate to email me again:


  • Bob78

    Marbury and I think almost everyone would benefit from reading a good bit of it. ,