Website Redesign, Survey Results, and Help Name my Next Book

I wanted to thank everyone that participated in my survey last week. I had over 300 responses, and I had the chance to learn a little bit more about all of you.

Website Redesign

One of the questions I asked in the survey was for a single point of improvement for the website. I received close to 200 replies with many different answers. However, a large proportion of you pointed out a sore spot for this website: it’s ugly.

I did the design myself two years ago when I wasn’t earning enough to justify a professional website design. Although I’m definitely not rich, I’ve decided to invest in a better looking website. I know some of my reader are website designers, so if you want to put your bid in to help make my website prettier you can see the job posting here at Freelance Switch, and contact me here. (Please read the job req’s before submitting an application)

Survey Results

I learned some interesting facts about the readers of through the survey. Although a survey is always a biased sample (only the more committed readers bother to fill it out), it still gives some insight. Maybe some other bloggers can use this information when evaluating the needs/wants of their readership:

  • Only 60% of you subscribe through RSS. Given the Feedburner statistics show there are roughly 6500-7500 RSS subscribers, that puts the total readership at around 10 000!
  • One quarter of the readers would like to buy something from the website, but haven’t had the right opportunity yet.
  • A Vidcast/Podcast was the most requested new addition (stay tuned for that)
  • Zen Habits is the most popular other blog for readers of this website (over half said they read ZH), Steve Pavlina has 33% and Study Hacks has 25%
  • Over 50% of people expressed an interested in meeting me one-on-one, but haven’t contacted me.

On that last point, I wanted to state that I have an open-door policy with the readers of this website. Luckily the website is still small enough that I can personally respond to every email I receive (if you didn’t get a reply, one of our spam filters must be acting up).

Also, if you happen to be in the same location as me, I’m always happy to meet up with readers in person. This offer extends to when I’m living in France next year. I believe if I’m too busy to grab lunch or share a beer, I’m missing the point.

Help Name my Next Book

I’m working on a new e-book, but I’m still looking for a great title.

The concept of the book is a productivity guide geared to people who don’t work in an office. People who work from home (that includes students and productive hobbyists) have many opportunities to be productive, but instead they often try to replicate an office-like work environment in their home. Working 9-5, spending all day at a desk and using stock productivity advice meant for cubicle workers is missing 90% of the truly great productivity hacks you can use.

The book will be a full e-book (100-150 pages) and will include audio/video clips to help people get started.

Anyone who creates a title I end up using for the book will get a free copy. Send me your suggestions through email, or the comment form in the bottom of this post.

  • Jens Upton


    I like the ease with which I can use your blog. All the best with any changes you decide for it.

    That’s a great idea for the book.
    Flashing thru some titles: ‘Flexible Thinking, Easier Working from Home. Create your own system for increasing productivity.’

    Hope that’s useful


  • Sknownotice

    Good day,

    I have been a reader of your blog for some time. I tend to read posts related to motivation and productivity on this blog. However, I believe this is my first time leaving a comment here.

    Being a student whom currently pursuing a degree in engineering, I thought of lending my hand to name your book. May I suggest the title, “Productivity: No office work, yes home work”. The title is made clear and concise.

    All the best for your new e-book. Looking forward to your future posts!


  • dizzystuff

    Hey there, just wanted to second what the first commenter said. Until I read the comment I agreed with the survey finding that the site is, well, ugly πŸ˜‰ but I think what stands out about it is it’s incredibly easy to use. Incredibly. So many other blogs are so busy, so bloated, they’re about everything else *except* the content. The design/colours/etc may be a little tired, but the layout of this site and its focus on the content with everything else as a secondary concern is spot on IMO.

    Anyway.. all the best πŸ™‚ This is a wonderful blog.

  • Gayathri Moosad


    I am a regular reader of your website, and have very recently subscribed to it via email. I find your articles and writing style to be very warm, frank, helpful and thought-provoking.

    I do not find the website to be “ugly”, as some others seem to have found it. I like its simplicity, organization and font. But I do feel the color scheme could use a little improvement. πŸ™‚

    I am very excited to hear that you are going to offer podcasts in the future. I look forward to that.

    The idea for your new ebook is really interesting. I tried to come up with a potential name for the book, and here it is: “SWAT Productivity – Secrets to Work-At-Home Productivity”.

    Looking forward to reading more posts from you. Keep up the good work, and all the best with your future projects.

    Gayathri Moosad.

  • Neil Matthews

    How about “The Jedi’s Guide to Wearing PJs Whilst You Work”

  • Alejandro Sierra

    “Productivity hacks” and get it distributed by O’Reilly.

  • Matt

    How bout “Productivity for the rest of us”

    Alternatively “A productivity guide geared to people who don’t work in an office.”

    “I can be productive, and so can you.”

    “The Producers.”

    “The Not So Little Book of Productivity”

    I think I’ve exhausted my list of half-serious cliched names.

  • Eric Jean-Louis

    I think there’s a misunderstanding about the functionality of a website and the look. I completely agree that the site is easy to use and the redesign should definitely keep the functionality intact if the user experience can’t be increased or simplified.

    I was one of the “Your site is ugly” people. But ugly is not the right descriptor. The information found on this site is top notch. As good as ZH, Steve Pavlina and Study Hacks (and often better). The site needs to reflect that quality. This is the classic case of the branding created by your postings, views and suggestions doesn’t match the branding put forth by the design of your site.

    To be honest, this is the best position to be in, versus the reverse where the site’s design looks like it will deliver this amazing content and fails to do so.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next e-book seeing that my wife and I both work from home (and there never seems to be enough time).

  • ManojKumar.A

    ” When its a homework , it means to be ! “

    I framed this title for your next book.

    Recently , i read your book ” Learn more study less ” and i was very impressed by it.

    Keep going ! All the best !

  • Thor

    The kitchen table CEO

  • Alexander

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