I’ll Be In Europe for One Month

Next week, I’m leaving for Europe for most of July. I’m visiting my sister, who was living in Denmark for the last year. I’ll be touring through England, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. I have a feeling I’ll be pretty busy, so it will be difficult to meet up with readers. However, feel free to give me a shout if you’re from one of these countries!

I’m trying to work as little as possible while I’m traveling, so I don’t know how frequently I’ll be able to answer emails or moderate blog comments. However, I have already written a month’s worth of blog articles to go up on the website while I’m gone, so the website will continue to deliver new articles, at least twice per week.

This is my first time leaving North America (I’m from Canada, and I’ve travelled to the US and Mexico), so wish me luck!

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  • William Cheah

    Have a safe and wonderful journey. May you find wisdom in your trip.

  • Stefan | StudySuccessful.com

    Well, have fun in Europe! I can say, as a European, that it is a beautifull region!

  • Reader in Sweden

    Would be cool. Where in Sweden?

  • Reader in Sweden

    That’s funny, I always figured you were a USian. Do you watch Trailer Park Boys? 🙂

  • John Peden

    Best of luck with your travels. Where in the UK will you be visiting? If you need a place to stay in Manchester, or need to know where you can get a good kebab at 3am then give me a shout!

  • sonu

    Have a good Trip

  • sonu

    have a good trip bro

  • steve calm

    good luck man dont come to greece for any reason it just sucks…

  • Tim Perry

    Fantastic choice of destinations. I’ve wandered through all of those countries, excluding Belgium. Being from Canada, like you, the Scandinavian lifestyle and the wilderness surroundings had me feeling close to home (with some added Nordic flavour).

    Have fun, and mingle lots with the locals/other travelers (something I did not do quite enough of, since I veered into the woods and was living in a tent). You’ll meet such fantastic people in Europe; the dense cluster of cultures nearby truly makes for a rich blend of histories, and stories.

    Also, great site you have here.

  • Sina

    Very good, europe is very beautiful!! i know, i was born in europe.
    Make the most of holiday

  • Scott Young

    Thanks everyone, I’m looking forward to seeing more of the world!

  • melly

    Scott, I think you will have such a fantastic time. I remember the first time I travelled abroad it was the best time! I learned so much and was gone about a year. Very eye opening and brilliant people all over.
    Enjoy! Can’t wait to hear the stories when you get back! 🙂

  • Celes | CelestineChua.com

    Have fun in Europe Scott! I’ll be gone for half a month myself, away on a meditation retreat. It seems that this is the period where people go off on a getaway, with Tina going for a retreat for a month too. Enjoy yourself and your tour of Europe – I haven’t been there before but I hope to go there someday.

  • Tony

    At the moment i am in Rome for 8 days doing some lateral growth 🙂 Have met some fun people from America and made a German friend with whom i explored the many beautiful Italian and other women 😉 Travelling alone rocks if you learn to talk to strangers many adventures guaranteed! I’ll be back home (Belgium) wednesday so if you want to explore Brussels i’ll be happy to show you the women, the beer and the culture. My advice on travelling:
    – try to fiend a good balance between culture and nightlife, don’t rush from one point of interest to another
    – if you can, learn some of the local language in advance, you can do with English in most touristic places in the world, but it is worth the effort to learn the basic, here for example i find myself speaking a mixture of English, Italian and gestures this allowed me to mingle with some Italian students whos English where not super and helped in many other ways as well

    have fun and ciao!

  • Daniel

    Have fun Scott!
    If you visit Örnsköldsvik in northern Sweden, let me know and I´ll cook you some meatballs! Not much to see here though, besides the beautiful nature, and I can´t cook meatballs anyway. 😛

  • Alexander Reif

    This is my first time leaving North America (I’m from Canada, and I’ve travelled to the US and Mexico), so wish me luck!

    Hey Scott, you’re not going into war, you’re going to make a journey: I wish you FUN ! 😉
    Enjoy the experience.


  • toni

    sorry!!and Italy??????good luck for your travel but you have to see bologna ,roma napoli….!!

  • Scott Young


    Not this trip. But I’ll be living in France for a year, so Italy won’t be far away.


  • Bobby

    Hope you have a good time Scott! You should post pictures.

  • Chad

    HA- no way!

    I am working in Denmark for the summer- Copenhagen to be exact.

    You’ll love it. I have been to Sweden and Berlin, and have the Benelux-France Eurorail pass- but I don’t leave Denmark until July 31.

  • Adel-Alexander

    Where in Denmark were you staying? I’m from Denmark so I’m curious! 🙂 Also.. Did you enjoy the community there? The language?