This is the 1000th post I’ve written for this blog.

A little over 8 years ago I typed the first post for the blog. I was young—I hadn’t even had my 18th birthday yet. And I was full of enthusiasm, if lacking in experience.

Originally I hadn’t planned on being a writer for a living. I had started out thinking I would make games with a personal development theme, and the blog was initially just to practice writing. I only ended up making one program, before discovering writing was an easier way of expressing ideas than programs.

The blog grew up as I did. It went with me through college, living in France, building a full-time business, the MIT Challenge and it continues with me today (I’m writing these words in Taiwan, preparing for the final leg of my language-learning project). My entire adult life is here, somewhere between the lines.

The themes of my writing changed as I did. I started by emulating my favorite writers of the time, Steve Pavlina, Tony Robbins and David Allen. I wrote with an authoritative voice on all topics, without irony, as I didn’t know of any other way to write. I’d like to believe I’ve learned a little more humility since then, trying to focus my writing on the topics where I feel I can offer something unique.

Today, I hardly read any personal development or business books at all. The blogs I read are mostly academics, scientists and people much smarter than myself. I’ve come to admire the rigor and honesty of such writing, even if I haven’t been able to match those standards in my own.

The shifting nature of this blogs themes and styles has, I believe, made it more interesting, but also more difficult to understand. People arrive, wanting a summary of main points, and get upset when they contradict. This blog has never been a thesis of unchanging principles, but just the process some guy is using to figure things out and writing it down along the way.

Yet despite the changes, I don’t want to go back and edit, rewrite and compile. Not only would that be prohibitively laborious, but it would also be disingenuous. My writing might have fewer mistakes, but it would also imply that I’m writing outside of time, so I leave the posts and the past unchanged.

I don’t know what will change in the next thousand posts, but I’m incredibly grateful for everyone that has chosen to come along for the ride, even if just for a short time.

  • Tiago

    Congratulations! I hope you make the 2000th and that I’m there to congratulate you again. I love your articles and ever-growing humbleness. That shows you’re learning something along the way 😀

  • Shannan

    Congratulations! I remember reading some of your earlier posts.

  • Bellyboy

    Hi Scott,
    Will you be re-opening learning on steroids anytime soon?
    How about a revised learn more study less as well?

  • Vimarsh

    Dear Scott….. heartiest congratulations for your 1000th post of the blog.Your blog have been of much help for me till now and I am sure that it has helped many people all over the world in different aspects of life.I wish you all the very best for future…keep writing 🙂

  • Anderson

    Parabéns Scott. É fascinante acompanhar teus “experimentos” e formular algumas ideias próprias.

  • Khuyen

    I’ve started reading your blog since a few years ago. As you said, I first came for advice, but gradually I enjoyed reading and knowing about the life of another person. It’s such a great thing to look at how our blogs have changed over time and how they reflect our growth.

    May you continue to learn, grow and share with us your experiences. If you are in Boston or Vietnam any time for the next 3 years let me know!


  • Steve

    Nothing to say but thanks!

  • Tristan

    Congrats, my friend.

  • Joelle

    And I’m grateful to have discovered your blog. Keep being inspirational!

  • dotchamou

    congratulations for your perseverance and consistancy. I like people who keep going forward although the road is hard. writing 1000 articles is not an easy task, it requires a great commitment to keep our own promise. congratulations again

  • Scott Young


    Congrats to you too!


  • Scott Young


    LoS will reopen when I wrap up this current project, so probably around September. I would like to completely rewrite LMSL to include my more recent learning experiences, but I imagine I’ll probably try to write a new book instead and get it published, since that would also give me an excuse to do a lot of research.


  • Eliud Lamboy

    Scott, I’ve been following your blog for a long time. Thank You for your dedication, inspiration, and commitment to improve not just your life, but those that read your blog. Congratulations.

  • Frankie

    Thanks Scott, I stumbled upon this blog because I was looking up Toastmaster and wanted to have my own blog and share my knowledge to the world as well, then I saw that you have wealth of knowledge to share and had been recording yourself every move, that is brilliant of you.

    After reading some of your recent post, I discovered that we had a few things in common in which I will share them in my future blogs :D. I wish I had thought of that when I first started my personal development journey, though I truly belief that everything happened for a reason, so I am glad that it did.

    I have a long way to get to where you are now, but I am willing to put in time an effort in building it. One of my passion is recording, so the next part of my journey should be an interesting one for me. 😀

    Thanks once again. 😀

  • Haris Ghole

    Scott, you are an inspiration!

  • Nathan Chitty

    Hi Scott, Inspiring to follow your journey. Congratulations.

  • Marc Mawhinney

    Congrats Scott – 1,000 posts is a huge accomplishment, and they’ve surely helped a lot of people. Good job!

  • tavo

    Scott you are pure inspiration thank for your ideas and example.

  • Voni

    Scott, I stumbled onto your blog through your info about habits… I started using some of them, and it’s already changing my life.
    I appreciate what you wrote here on your 1000th! It gave me a better insight into who and what you are. Congrats!

    I’m watching your language experiment with great interest…
    Quando é que você está indo para o Brasil? Meu conselho é.. espere até depois dos jogos de Copo Mundial… está sendo uma bagunça royal lá. Amo o Brasil, mas estou triste em ver o que está acontecendo com o povo.

    Keep on walking .. and sharing your walk. I’ll be reading.
    and thanks!

    God bless!

  • Dan

    Looking forward to number 2000.

  • Bruce P Collard


    Mr. Young, I sincerely admire your journey and how you came about sharing it with us. Looking forward to new chapters in the future.

    Bruce –

  • Tricia

    Congratulations, Scott!

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a few years and have enjoyed its evolution. Interesting and thought provoking.

    Looking forward to the next thousand.

  • Nina

    We love you Scott ! Honestly

  • tim

    you’re a legend – well done

  • Charlie

    Congratulations, I can’t say I avidly follow the blog but this feat speaks for itself.

  • tedbmoss

    What you are doing is actually important, keep it up.

  • MoltenPoet

    Grats man! You have helped me to “work smarter – not harder”. I get more done and that means enjoying life and being able to spend more time playing with my grandsons. All my wishes for a healthy and happy ‘nother thousand posts! Keep it up!

  • Christian

    Awesome work, look forward to the next 1000!

  • Peter

    Well done mate for making this milestone. Soon you will have to worry what legacy you want to leave behind…

  • JP

    Congrats Scott on #1,000!!! I look forward to your next 1,000 articles 🙂

  • Wendy Irene

    Congratulations on your 1000th post!!! Way to keep at it.

  • Anubhav

    congrats scott


    Scott, you are the antidote to those who claim that young people of this generation are hopelessly self absorbed .

    Congratulations on post 1,000. Hoping to be there for 2000.

  • lemon

    Congratulations .I will go along with your 2000th post

  • Vimal

    Congrats Scott. Keep going further.

  • Gokul

    Your blogs are like a bible to me and I have been reading it for the past 2 and a half years. I have subscribed to your blogs and tried my best to live a life that if full-filling.
    Congratulations on your 1000th blogpost and expecting you to deliver more for the benefit of the World.

  • Scott Young

    Thanks everyone for all the kind words. I’ll continue to try my best to deserve them.


  • Bruno

    Congratulations, that is a incredible feat. I always know that there is something great to read here.

  • Ron

    Hey, congratulations Scott! Looking forward to your next adventure 🙂