Coming Soon: Learning on Steroids

The most popular topic I’ve ever covered on this website is holistic learning. This is the strategy I’ve used to ace finals without studying, read 70+ books per year and teach myself new subjects rapidly.

Since writing, I’ve been happy to read hundreds of emails from people who say their learning habits have improved since implementing the ideas. In addition to the free articles and ebook, Learn More, Study Less continues to be the best seller on this website.

Even with the positive feedback, I still get a few emails per week from people asking for more. Unfortunately, until recently, all I could do was offer additional tips on a per person basis, which is difficult and inefficient.

Too Many People Read — Not Enough People Do

Part of the problem, I realized is that there is a big difference between the consumption of ideas and taking action on them.

This is especially true for holistic learning, which definitely isn’t a quick fix. As Liam Martin, friend and now holistic learner, commented to me, “Holistic learning is like martial arts. You don’t become a ninja by reading a list of tips, you become a ninja by training.”

So I decided to create a program that would fill this gap between consumption and action. A program that wouldn’t just give you the ideas, but also detailed implementation strategies, personal help and a kick in the ass to get started.

Announcing: Learning on Steroids

Learning on Steroids would be a monthly program with one goal in mind: implementing rapid learning strategies in your life.

I’m still in the process of designing the program (and would love your feedback!). But at the moment, the monthly program will probably consist of:

  1. Twice monthly implementation guides. These would be short PDFs explaining a particular rapid learning tactic I use, along with detailed steps to implement it in your actual life.
  2. Ass-kicking emails designed to push members to start new 30 Day Trials. You will be able to use the power of group support to switch from reading to taking action.
  3. Personal email support. Get direct access to me through email, both for tracking your progress and to overcome any hiccups in getting started.

Having read Learn More, Study Less won’t be necessary to join the program. However, if you have read the book, it will probably give you a head start in implementing the rapid learning techniques.

Join the Pre-Launch Mailing List

Because this is a new program, space will probably be limited for the first few months. I’d rather deliver a great service to 100, than overextend myself and fail to deliver to 300 or more.

I’ll be offering early enrollment offers and bonuses to people who join the pre-launch mailing list. So if you’re interested in rapid learning, you can join here.

  • Arturas

    Great, can’t wait to get started.

  • Stefanie

    Me too! Looking forward to it.

  • breckwell pellet stove parts

    thanks I have been looking for more information on this

  • Sean

    I signed up as soon as I got the email. I liked “Study Less, Learn More”, and I’d like to see a deeper explanation of some of the methods used. I’m into a lot of study techniques right now, like Photoreading and Mind Maps, and I like hearing more of it.

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  • Christopher

    Before you make these assertions, you should consider disclosing you environment. Is it highly conducive to learning? I allude to Outliers here. Lets us never understate the confounding variables…

  • Scott Young


    What assertions?

    I don’t claim that genetics or a favorable educational environment don’t matter (they do indeed). However there are a lot of students who have lousy study habits that hold them back from learning faster, or at the very least, getting the results they want for their learning effort.


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  • Richard Shelmerdine

    Got the email and signed up. I love being in beta for something, it builds anticipation.

  • Anders

    Looking forward as well. Can’t wait to implement the ideas/techniques into my daily study regime.

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