Email Zen Released

I’ve just finished a new e-book, Email Zen in conjunction with Web Warrior Tools. This is a new ebook website created by Glen Stansberry, creator of the Life Remix network and Leo Babauta, founder of ZenHabits.

Email Zen is a quick guide to improving email efficiency. It covers some of the ideas I’ve written about in the past for taking control over your inbox and some ideas I haven’t covered yet. The price is only $6, and it comes with a beautiful design.

I recommend taking a look at a few of the other ebooks on the website. They have some great authors and I’m sure many more will be adding their content to the list.

  • Iair

    I’m definitely buying this one. Here where I work, a book like this would be appreciated, but in spanish. I’ll think about it.

  • Iair

    sorry for the two typos. (definitely) and (where).

  • zenator

    I hope it’s a huge success. Good luck!!