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Stop Studying, Start Learning – Here’s an interview I did with Liam about holistic learning for his new program geared towards pre-med students.

Liam’s also opening a new program offering coaching and school help for pre-med students. Like my recent sell-out, Liam only has a limited number of seats in the program, so if you’re interested in a learning program aimed specifically at pre-med students check out the link above.

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7 Reasons the Gym is Better than Therapy – “I have a love affair with my gym.  She’s not much to look at: a rubber track and weight room in a dank basement, but appearances aren’t everything.  She’s there on my best days and on my worst days.  We never fight, and she doesn’t care what I look like as long as I give her my full attention for a few hours a week.”

Learning on Steroids

Earlier this week I mentioned I just opened a new program designed to implement rapid learning tactics. It was a quick sell-out, but I have hopes I can reopen the program again.

It’s been less than one week, but I’ve already received dozens of 30-Day Trials from people explaining how they are going to start training some of the ideas. It has been an interesting experiment for me, because for the first time with a large group, I’m actually witnessing how some of the ideas are being applied.

Too often in the online info-product area, there is a 95% focus on marketing with scant resources aimed at actually making a good product. I don’t claim to have perfected it, in the least.  But my hope is that rigorous data gathering from following a group over several months can give me a good picture of what typical students can achieve.

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  • Miguel Wickert


    Congrats on your program’s early success. And thanks for the discount on Learn More, Study Less. As a student with a part-time job, and plenty more to be accountable for, this allowed me to pick up the book without setback. Cheers! I’m looking forward to hearing from you this month and until LOS reopens. Thanks again,


  • Richard Shelmerdine

    It must feel great to have that sort of influence over others from behind a computer. These 30 day trials could be the beginning of someones new life. Even if only one person makes it through. Well done Scott.