100 Good Ideas

I write a lot of ideas on this blog. I’ve written over 300 articles and dozens more for other sites. Two e-books and a software program, there are even more ideas I’ve tried to give some depth to.

This list doesn’t just represent links to posts, but it gives a broad stroke of my entire philosophy towards life, who I am and what this site is about. Even if you can’t possibly read the hundreds of thousands of words of text contained in these posts, hopefully the ideas should give you a glimpse of what to expect in the future and what has been written in the past.

Here’s 100 ideas to get more out of life:

  1. Why do I do it?
  2. Read
  3. Read more
  4. Read faster
  5. Read better
  6. Write
  7. Write to solve problems
  8. Write to understand
  9. Improve your writing style
  10. Get outside your comfort zone
  11. Check those assumptions…
  12. …cheat them if necessary
  13. Everyone can teach you…
  14. …be grateful for it
  15. Goals…
  16. …learn how to set them.
  17. …how to get clear what they are.
  18. …how to motivate yourself to achieve them.
  19. …how to stay flexible pursuing them.
  20. …how to set goals without living in the future.
  21. Focus on growth instead of just progress.
  22. You’re emotional. Deal with it…
  23. …use your body to guide them.
  24. …fake it if necessary.
  25. …pay attention to your thoughts.
  26. …and watch your energy.
  27. Manage your energy…
  28. …rest yourself.
  29. …socialize too.
  30. …ten ways to boost it.
  31. …balance work and play
  32. Use daily goals to prevent burnout.
  33. Learn.
  34. Learn by doing.
  35. Learn better.
  36. Learn holistically…
  37. …really, I mean it!
  38. Eat healthy.
  39. Eat from a good menu.
  40. Improve your eating gradually.
  41. Exercise.
  42. …how to start.
  43. How to lift weights…
  44. …and save time at the gym.
  45. Exercise for results.
  46. Exercise daily to make it a habit.
  47. Empty calories — not just in food…
  48. …detox them out.
  49. Use 80/20.
  50. Deadline.
  51. Web efficiency.
  52. Save net time with a ritual.
  53. Save time on TV too.
  54. Know how much time you really have.
  55. Prioritize.
  56. Get back to basics.
  57. Optimize because…
  58. …epiphanies aren’t coming.
  59. …working hard isn’t enough either.
  60. Don’t worry about talent.
  61. Be a T.
  62. Network.
  63. Network like a geek.
  64. Be happy…
  65. …don’t worry.
  66. Hack happiness.
  67. A good attitude helps…
  68. …but it’s easy to trip.
  69. Optimism?
  70. …pessimism too?
  71. Respect how you feel…
  72. …and accept the now.
  73. Emotional quality not just success.
  74. Find your purpose.
  75. Get honesty from others…
  76. …but especially be honest with yourself.
  77. Watch out for bad advice.
  78. Look for truth.
  79. Life decisions are a journey, not an answer.
  80. Should you give up?
  81. …or persist against the odds?
  82. Because it’s now or never.
  83. Break through the plateau…
  84. …obstacles
  85. …and procrastination.
  86. Because this is your life.
  87. …and it’s your job to live it.
  88. Ask for what you want…
  89. …otherwise a dream isn’t a commitment.
  90. Philosophy evolves…
  91. …religion does too.
  92. Your brain is a computer.
  93. Exercise your mind.
  94. Master your habits.
  95. Know how to make them stick.
  96. Experiment.
  97. Dive.
  98. Be courageous…
  99. …and decisive.
  100. … and above all. Live.